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The books listed below were authored by a long time friend and colleague Dr. Myrtha Golatt, she is the author of these published books with "Murder by Perception being her latest.  She is a spiritual Life Coach,   freelance Writer, motivational speaker, teacher, former pastor and corporate trainer.  Dr. Golatt holds an Associate degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and an Honorary Doctorate degree.  For the last 25 years, she has been known to coach and motivate individuals of all socio-economic backgrounds. Her teaching helps people see a clearer path into transformation, she breaks the information down where even a child can understand it.   Her unique style and humor are designed to keep you smiling so it isn't too painful when the truth hits home. It is to your advantage to purchase her books.  They are all available at


 My Mama's Baby

When you were conceived over 6,000 sperm cells were executed, you are the only one that made it. You were sent here for a reason, regardless to what you have experienced in the past, or going through right now, always remember this: God sent you to this earth for a purpose, no one can stop you. “My Mama’s Baby” is my story, and I’m still here!


Murder by Perception

The way we view our friends, relatives, neighbors, managers, coworkers and church members, affects our perception of a situation and it impacts the way we treat people. Perception is very dangerous, it affects how we make decisions and it can lead to inappropriate behavior and perceptual biases. There is a way to survive "Perceptual Murder". If your reputation or character have been murdered by someone's perception, you should read this book. If you are the murderer, you need to read it. I survived!

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A 12-Day Spiritual Makeover

In a day like today and the times that we are living in, the only thing that can hold us together and keep us strong, is the word of God. Politicians can’t be trusted, doctors, lawyers, employers, the media, the majority of them are deceiving and it has gotten to a point where many of the pastors are not being truthful to their congregations. The only hope we have today is the word of God but, in order for the word of God to be effective in our lives we have to have an understanding of it. The holidays are here and it is a time for us to settle down and relax. Here is 12 days of very important scriptures broken down, without the rules and regulations of religion.