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Once upon a time, long ago, I believed everything I learned in school and from others in this world we live in.  I even taught my daughter what I was taught.  Seemed the right thing to do.

But, slowly after many years and many strange events in the world, something just didn’t seem quite right.  Things just didn’t seem to add up and lots of questions popped into my mind about some of these so called “historic events”.

And a few years ago I stumbled onto the 911 conspiracies, JFK conspiracies, moon hoax, fake history, and even more mind blowing the theory of, FLAT EARTH.  Luckily at that time Youtube was quite willing to feed me the next recommended video on what ever topic I was interested in.

I discovered many different people with tons of great new ideas and theories that did not quite match with all that I had been previously taught in school and by others in society.

I was shocked and depressed at a point that almost EVERYTHING I was taught was not the way it was told and so my journey to find the TRUTH began.  To re-learn almost everything I had been taught.  And of course, to question this alleged “Pandemic” we are currently living in right now.

Why?  To understand this world we live in and make sense of it was my original purpose.  But it turned into something more… a mission to learn the TRUTH and re-teach my daughter so that she could take the truth of this world to the next generation.

And with that, now you know why this website was created….. for ME, my daughter, and for YOU, the reader to learn the real TRUTH of this world (realm) we live in.

I sincerely hope you find some information that can help YOU on your journey to really understand this world we live in!  Question everything and everyone… and you will find the real TRUTH!

Enjoy your visit to this website, you might not agree with everything or everyone but, a wise man once said “eat the meat and spit out the bones”, makes sense when searching for the TRUTH as well.

Warmest Regards,

A Truth Seeker,
Like YOU

Earths true surface shape, why it matters, the MIGHT be a BIG deal.

Many ask this question and its usually one of the first questions asked, what’s the big deal on the shape of the earth, and why does it matter?  It boils down to that age old battle mostly between heliocentric sciences story of everything was created in a Big Bang.  The earth and everything was created in this explosion.  Which tells us we were created as a cosmic accident in the chaos of space without purpose.

The other is more or less religious based in that we were created by God, a creator, with this  creation we have purpose and meaning along with the earth.  Some may view this as a form of creation by a higher intelligence.  This is the WHY it’s the BIG deal and leads into one or more constructs  (doctrine) whether you believe in the Heliocentric (globe) or Geocentric (flat earth) model.

Might be time to research and learn about this world/realm we live in… you need to know a few basic things:  WHERE YOU LIVE, WHO YOU ARE,  and WHAT YOU ARE.   These are the keys to understanding the TRUTH. 


If TRUTH and FREEDOM means something to YOU.. SHARE THIS!

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