The Shadows of Power

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The Shadows of Power is on YouTube as an audio book. ( 5 hours 33 minutes)

This 1988 book by James Perloff gives a brilliant overview of geopolitics and the mechanisms by which the United States government has been subverted. To get our government back, we will have to educate ourselves on just how a shadow government hijacked it. The first step in that process is understanding . . . The Shadows of Power.

There is good news and bad news. The good news is this book has been written. The bad news is, it’s true. Get ready to learn the influence of the internationalist Establishment of the United States. You’ll learn the impact this backdoor powerhouse has made on America’s past – and what it is planning for the future in James Perloff’s “The Shadows of Power The Council on Foreign Relations And The American Decline.”

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If TRUTH and FREEDOM means something to YOU.. SHARE THIS!