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Once upon a time the best place to find truth seekers was on YouTube.

Not anymore.  Due to censorship most truth seekers have either been banned or left the once most popular video platform.

Where are the truth seekers now?  Good question.

Although very fun and very easy to stay on the YouTube platform... it is sadly a place you WILL NOT find much truth.  Mainstream media such as Fox, CNN, MSNBC have begun to use YouTube more than in the past and if your opinion differs from the "mainstream"... then you get kicked off.  Sad, a once FREE speech platform is now virtually gone.

You are no longer allowed to question anything... or ask questions... you will be kicked off most platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitter.   Censorship is more real than you can ever imagine.

Here are the most popular video platforms to come and find the truth seekers.  At the time of this writing, these are the best places to find REAL truth seekers.

Here are the best places to find Truth Seekers....


Visit Website:

Easy to embed on your website and share on Facebook and Twitter.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, CANADA.


Visit Website:

Free to watch but there is a PREMIUM option for around $9.99 USD per month that will allow you to view ALL PREMIUM content across the website.  Netflix is about the same per month but no Truth Seeker content just movies to keep you in the matrix.  Even better than YouTube premium, cause let's be hones,t few truth seekers are on the platform anymore due to severe censorship.

Easy to share to Facebook and Twitter.  Currently not easy to embed on your website.

Based in Austin, Texas, USA.


Visit Website:

Easy to embed on your website and share on Facebook and Twitter.   Also has the ability to earn a bit of crypto currency for sharing and watching regularly.

Ability to DOWNLOAD videos is a great feature!

Based in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA.



Visite Website:

Many truth seekers use this platform due to very limited censorship.  Easy to share videos on Facebook and Twitter.

Videos can be embedded on your website by using the iframe code.  Read our post how to embed Bitchute on your website.

Based in Newbury, England (United Kingdom).

It's time to leave You Tube... Truthers are being censored everyday! Time to say good bye!

Go to the other Truther Video Platforms:

BEST Truther Video Platforms

  • Bitchute
  • Odysee
  • Rokfin
  • Rumble
If TRUTH and FREEDOM means something to YOU.. SHARE THIS!

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